Tomorrow is going to be cloudy…

Have you heard of the TagCloud? They were a hit in mid/late 2005 running the wave of tagging revolution. Their small weekend project has grown into a pretty successful web site boasting millions of pageviews a month in good times.

Tags have become a standard ever since and every web developer (including your humble servant) is trying to find a use for tags on their web sites. Check out this neat PHP class that will allow you to create a tag cloud out of categories in your WordPress blog.

How can tags be used in bargain hunting? Just as everywhere else… The deals are tagged and then the tags that happen to apply to more popular deals get more weight in the tag cloud. The only problem is – not everyone tags deals. Well, in that case you can try to use this API from Yahoo! and this is exactly what I have done over this weekend…

The result is this nice DealsCloud. Nice it is or not you will decide but I would love to know what you think about it.


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