Lowe’s $10 off $50 coupon – expires October 30

I have been spending considerable amount of time browsing bargain hunting sites. Usually I am just looking if the site design has changed or any features are added and don’t pay much attention to the bargains themselves. Yet it often happens that a deal is so good that several web sites will publish it. In that case it just prints in my memory unconsciously.

Even if I wanted very much I wouldn’t be able to use all the money saving tips I find – there are just too many of them. To get this knowledge to a good use I decided to start a series of posts where I will publish the most noticeable tips so others could benefit from them. I don’t promise this will be a daily or weekly series. Making a commitment like that would probably sacrifice the quality. I will just post them as I go.

Low's Decor DaysSo here you are, the first deal is $10 off $50 a purchase at Lowe’s Home Improvement store. The deal expires October 30, 2006 and is good for a purchase of pretty much anything except some brand name appliances (read the fine print). You can get the coupon over here.

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