Dealigg – new player in social bargain hunting

Dealigg There are total of 349 Digg imitators out there according to this blog. Is this a lot? Apparently not. One more web site can now boast social shopping and voting for deals as the main force keeping their shopping deals supply fresh. Dealigg has recently made appearance in the cyber-news which went mostly unnoticed.

If you are familiar with and then you will probably notice the similarities among the three. I am not certain about but and both use Pligg – a popular open source content management platform – which partially explains the similar looks.

In general the web site looks OK although somewhat unfinished. The “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use” links are both broken and the styling could be somewhat refined. There are rough edges here and there.

An advice to Dealigg developers. Spend more time and effort marketing your web site. Should you choose Digg for your announcement do not repeat the mistake I made. Do it like the clever people have done it. Find an active user with a lot of friends/followers ready to digg his/her submissions and let them submit your story. This is the drawback of all digg style sites – including yours now ;-) – the news entry has to hit the front page before the second wave of diggers – those who never even look into upcoming news section – will pick it up and make a hit out of it. Digg is not ideal – it can be played.

As for the digg-style bargain hunting clones (or mods) – the market is ripe. Give it more time and you will see more sites like these popping up.

Update 11/19: If this site takes off you won’t be needing connections or bots anymore to play Digg. :-)

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  1. 1 meetu Apr 14th, 2007 at 5:10 am

    Hi I need to know that how deal dig works, it seems that they people are using linkshare or commision junction, but still I dont understand that how they people convert the links entered by the users.


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