MIR, PM, AC, YMMV – Is it worth the hassle?

Forums at FatWallet and SlickDeals are full of shopping techniques that sometimes allow you to bring the product price into the negative territory. That is right – how strange this could sound – the store ends up owing you! The most elaborate ones I have seen require use of price matching, mail-in rebates, and stacked in promotional coupons – all at the same time.

While price matching sounds like a good idea when you need that warm feeling that you don’t overpay (and to get on deals like this) – it sometimes can end up costing you a lot of time and effort. I will confess, I myself took this route not once. It often turns into a challenge: “Will I be able to pull it off?” I am sure the “boasting rights to the best price” play certain role in it as well. But let’s face it. There are so many better things to do than arguing with the store manager over the price for that DVD.

Due to overall customer dissatisfaction with mail-in rebates some retailers are bailing out of the program altogether. The whole concept of mail-in rebate is so unpopular that certain web sites have used it to their advantage by offering only no-rebate bargains while others have been monetizing on the challenges you will face should you get on the MIR hook.

If you are still not convinced here is some must read material to get you started. In any case it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your time.

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