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CitiCardEver since Citibank has discontinued (or rather downgraded) their Platinum Dividend Master Card program (which used to give me 5% cash back on gas and groceries) I have been looking for alternatives. A couple of credit card offers recently surfaced in FatWallet finance forums that look very interesting.

  • Citi AMEX Diamond Preferred Rewards Card

    What is the deal? You get 10,000 Thank You Points after your first purchase, a 0% balance transfer until December of 2007, and 5 Thank You Points per dollar spent at supermarkets, gas stations, etc for 12 months.

    100 Thank You Points is an equivalent of $1 that you can spend at the merchants participating in ThankYou network.

    To sign up go to citicards signup page and enter code F1M3 or call 800-601-8595. More details available here.

  • Chase PerfectCard MasterCard

    What do you get? 5,000 Points after your first purchase. 3 Points per dollar spent at gas stations and 1 Point on everything else. A 0% balance transfer is also available (balance transfer fee applies).

    100 Points is an equivalent of $1. The points are redeemable by cash or gift card when your cash back balance reaches $25 equivalent.

    To apply, call 877-506-3455 by November 30 and mention offer code: RZN. Read the offer discussion here.

The first offer looks more attractive to me but if you don’t like the idea of having to deal with the Thank You network — the second offer may work for you better.

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  1. 1 Cash Back Credit Card Hound Jan 16th, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Those two cash back cards are two of the good ones. There are other good ones, some of which may even be better for people depending on their spending profile (e.g. how much they travel, eat out, do home improvement, etc.)

    Some other good cards are the Citi Driver’s Edge (6% on EDP for first year), AmEx Blue Cash, Fidelity 1.5% back on everything card, etc.

    A good way to figure out which card will pay you the most cash back for your particular spending is to use the calculator tool at .

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