Does your airport offer free WiFi?

Free WiFi access in public places may sound like a given these days however up until recently the notion was under a legal threat from (who would think) Boston-Logan airport or to be exact the Massachusetts Port Authority. Thanks to FCC the Port Authority attempt to control WiFi Internet access at the airport territory was overruled clearing the way for other airlines to start offering Internet access at their lounge areas.

Not all airports are that greedy. If you travel around the US there is a good chance you will be able to plug in your laptop in the wireless network for free. Here is a list of on-line resources that will help you find out if your airport offers free WiFi access.

  • WiFiFreeSpot covers airports around the US and some popular international destinations
  • SmallBusiness maintains an editable wiki page of US airports offering free WiFi access
  • TravelPost currently lists 218 US airports and shows which ones have WiFi hotspots, what provider offers the service and for how much
  • JiWire is the most comprehensive WiFi hotspot directory I could find. Use it to find any public WiFi hotspot — not just in airport. You can map the hotspot location and see the provider and pricing details.

Keep your laptop battery fully charged and have a safe trip! :-)

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