Xbox 360 Core System at Amazon for $100

This is one of those bargains that you absolutely don’t want to miss. Even if you are out of the Xbox age it will make a perfect Christmas gift for your friends, your children, or your friends’ children.

Amazon is having a promotion where one out of four products will be sold every week at a “ridiculously low price”. The week 1 selection is Xbox 360, mountain bike, Barbie Doll, and $100 Toy Certificate. You are supposed to vote on the product that Amazon will sell. The voting closes Tuesday at 9 p.m. PST and the winning deal goes on sale Thursday, November 23, at 11 a.m. PST.

The current winner is Xbox 360 Core System leading with a whopping 84.4% of votes and it is unlikely the votes will change much in 2 days which means the gaming console WILL GO ON SALE November 23 precisely at 11 a.m. PST.

I should warn you though that the rumor was published at TechCrunch last week and despite the fact that according to Amazon there will be 1000 consoles sold there is still a chance that Xbox will quickly go out of stock. As one of the comments said

My guess is that they are all going to be sold by 11:01 on Thanksgiving. I’ve been practicing my clicking skills. Watch out.

I don’t know how about you but I will go practicing my clicks as well. One of the useful tips is to try to save time on entering your billing details by using the Amazon’s patented One-Click Shopping. If you have time this forum currently has 1023 discussions on topics ranging from “what is the chance I will get one?” to “Amazon Clock vs Atomic clock”.

Update: One Click Shopping will not work. Apparently Amazon has come out with a long list of steps you must follow to make sure you get your stuff for the advertised price

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  1. 1 Yan Nov 26th, 2006 at 3:50 am

    Amazon downed for 10 minutes due to promotion
    Too many requests take out entire web site
    Posted on 2006-11-23 14:21:29 by justin

    Amazon ran a special promotion this week but under-estimated the demand for the product from users with fast connections. At exactly 2pm EST, the offer was open (an Xbox core system at less than half-price). Unfortunately for Amazon, so many people were waiting for the promotion that the entire Amazon website – not just the promotion page – sank without a trace from just before 2pm, to at least 2:12pm. The home page, the product pages, everything, were unavailable.

    While attracting a lot of traffic to the amazon pages at once sounds like a good idea we wonder how many amazon shoppers elsewhere in the site abandoned their purchases halfway through after they found their experience destroyed by the vote rush going on in the next room. Was the quid worth the quo? (some people got quite irate).

    The poor performance of the amazon site during the giveaway also reflects badly on the Amazon “elastic compute cloud” offering (Amazon EC2) which is designed, supposedly, to offer instant capacity to companies which need to deal with exactly this kind of sudden rush.

    On the other hand, this story could just be bad eggs because we didn’t get one either.

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