Amazon shopping tips and hacks

Update: If you don’t feel like messing with the URL’s on your own then use these Amazon discount codes to browse the items by department & discount percentage

Have you ever found yourself checking out the clearance corner of the store that you happen to visit? I do it all the time. Would you like to take a peek at the Amazon clearance items? This link will list everything from Computers and Hardware department that sells at 80% discount or more:

You can easily customize the link by changing the department (which is the number after “node=”) and/or discount percentage. Try these links for example:

You can specify a range for the discount like this: “&pct-off=50-70″. To sort the results by price add “&sort=price” at the end. If you want to list just the Amazon products (these would qualify for free shipping with Amazon Prime membership) then add “&emi=ATVPDKIKX0DER” at the end.

Here are a few more useful links from Amazon

There is a huge number of web sites built on top of Amazon that can improve your shopping or make it more fun. Here are just a few that I like the most:

If the price on a product you buy from Amazon drops within 30 days you can often request a price match. These websites will track the price on your items daily and will notify you by email if a price drop is detected.

The next list is Amazon Filler tools — use them when you are just a couple bucks short of $25 total that Amazon requires to qualify for free shipping.

Do you know more Amazon related tips or hacks? Add them in your comments.

Update 11/30: If you are too lazy to build your own Amazon links you can use this little script by Ryan Stewart to do it for you. As the price for convenience he gets a small comission on the stuff you buy ;-)

Update 12/15: Added price tracking websites

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