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DealsVistaI just got a note from Zhou at DealsVista - a brand new web site for bargain hunters - with details on a promotion they are running to attract new customers. To participate go to DealsVista, pick a deal you like, and share it with your friends by clicking "Email to Friends" button next to the deal details. This will get you in on a drawing for the day and also for the grand prize drawing to be taken on December 19 (a 8GB Black iPod Nano).

The giveaway just started yesterday so you have a total of 13 chances to win something (provided you refer a friend each day). Today's prize is 5MP Digital Camera ($90 value) and next Tuesday they are having an external 250GB hard drive normally sold for $100. You can find the complete list of gifts and the official rules at the company blog.

Well, I just said "company" and it didn't feel right for some reason. Maybe it is because I have taken an opportunity to browse a little bit around the web site and poke at things. The impression I got was more like it is not a company with officers and directors (as the official giveaway rules state) but rather a bunch of kids running the show.

That said I am with the kids with all my heart and I wish them good luck in the adventure they have undertaken. Bargain Hunting is a tough business to break out of. Just look at the long list of competitors and it becomes clear that it will take more than a giveaway to get in the market. In particular for DealsVista I will just have two suggestions: (1) hire a professional editor and (2) hire a professional web designer. Unless you fix the grammar and smoothen the edges your market niche will be illiterate teenagers and illegal immigrants at best ;-).

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  1. 1 Jeff Dec 8th, 2006 at 12:23 pm

    This site is rather difficult to use and is painful to look at. Better off sticking to the tried and true like They’ve been around for over 8 years.

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