Where did all the newspapers go? (Poll)

I am sure many of you have switched to online sources for your daily news. I for one have done it a while ago. The paper versions of newspapers have not disappeared. They are in a museum now — or should I rather say Newseum. That is right, Newseum is the name of the place you can visit should you ever feel nostalgic about that good old newspaper.

Newseum keeps track of 424 newspapers from 42 countries. You can click on each and read it online as if you would a paper version. Just the front page though — not the whole thing. But that is usually enough to satisfy my nostalgic feelings. ;-)


Let’s narrow down our reading to the subject of bargain hunting. Every established brick and mortar store has a weekly sales circular full of specials and ads that they get to your mailbox weekly. Folks at Dealcatcher have built a page full of links to the online versions of those and called it SundaySaver.

This is a great place to visit before you take off for your weekend shopping. Click on the stores of your interest, check out the weekend specials and plan your shopping trip. The stores are grouped by category. You can also filter them by the state.


With so many online sources for the news I don’t think I will ever buy a newspaper again. Have a great weekend reading everyone and take this poll!

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  1. 1 MollysBrother Dec 10th, 2006 at 2:38 pm

    I thought about giving up my subscription a while back, but discovered that I enjoy the process of reading the paper everday. Also, I find that there are some interesting stories that I find when reading the paper–these same headlines I skip when I am reading the paper online.

    I like the instant news cycle for the big stories, but really value the role the paper plays for reporting news that happens on the local/statewide stage.

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