Free iPod Shuffle offer from HedgeStreet

Update 01/31: the offer has expired

A new trading site, HedgeStreet, is offering a 1GB iPod Shuffle to everyone who opens an account, funds it with $100 and makes at least one trade.

• Open an account online in minutes
• Fund with only $100
• Execute a Trade and Profit from correct insights
• Receive a Free iPod® shuffle™
• Receive No Trading Fees for 30 days!

HedgeStreet is not a usual stock broker. I suggest taking their online demo and signing up to the Mock Trader if you want to learn more about commodity futures trading.

If you just want to quickly make $100 then the sure bet would be to buy a very cheap features contract that has no real value (i.e. hedging against crud oil to go above $100) and be done with it.

The most interesting part however is that if you sign up and then refer a friend you will end up with two iPods — one for signing up and another one for the referral. Refer two more friends and you will get two $50 Amazon gift cards in addition. Now this is really a hot deal! Does anyone want me as a referral? ;-) Let me know and I will send you a referral code.

The offer expires December 29th, 2006. Official rules can be found here and here.

Free iPod Shuffle from HedgeStreet (via MyMoneyBlog)

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