1GB Micro SD for $15.95 shipped

Micro SDI was long looking for a deal like this since all new smart phones seem to have micro SD slot (which is a smaller alternative to the regular SD format).

Meritline has A-DATA Micro SD card with adapter (to regular SD) for just $15.95 with free standard shipping. Get it while it is in stock!

A-DATA offers first-class after-sales service for the microSD card. All microSD cards come with a lifetime warranty; A-DATA also provides a unique memory card data rescue service, ensuring that users of the microSD will not have to worry about losing important data or treasured photographs. A-DATA adds that extra level of convenience to your hi-tech digital lifestyle!


  • Dimensions:15mm*11mm*1mm
  • Low power consumption,giving an extended battery lifespan
  • Can be used with a riser card to provide compatibility with regular SD card application products

Source: SlickDeals Forums (via WiredDeals)

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