Discount shopping at the Target store

Target Discount ShoppingThis is not exactly online shopping (which I mostly write about) yet a very useful hack if you happen to go to your local Target store for a discount shopping raid.

You know how all prices end with 9’s to fool us to believe they are less than what they really are? Here is a simple rule that will help you figure out when it is the time to buy a discounted item at Target.

Full prices end in 9. Every time Target discounts, the final digit of the price drops. The lowest the final digit will go is 4. If you see something you want and the price ends in 4, buy it. You won’t get it for less.

Now I only wish someone confirms this tip before I go on a shopping spree! :-)

Source: Decoding Target Discounts at Atwater Village Newbie (via Consumerist)

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