Free live stock quotes from Google

MarketWatch reports that New York Stock Exchange has proposed a year-long pilot program to make real-time stock quotes available more easily to Internet sites. The program will make it possible for the likes of Google and Yahoo to display current trading prices of stocks online.

Google covered the news yesterday at the company blog and confirmed their intention to provide free access to live stock quotes from the entire family of Google web services including their search engine (tip: to get a stock quote, e.g. that of Google, type “quote:GOOG” in the Google search prompt).

Today, the NYSE has moved the issue a great step forward with a proposal to the SEC which if approved, would allow you to see real-time, last-sale prices across all Google properties including Google Finance, Personalized Google, Mobile, and of course, It won’t matter if you’re on Wall Street or Main Street — you’ll have free, easy and fast access to real-time prices from NYSE on Google.

The program can start as early as the end of this month and will cost each company $100,000 a month for the access.


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