Commercial break (a kind of)

Jajah ShirtI have been enjoying writing at ProBargainHunter for several months now. Discovering bargain hunting websites, learning money saving tricks, and reading your wonderful feedback is what makes me sit long sleepless nights in front of my laptop. There are days however when I feel extra rewarded and today is one of them.


FinancialWeb is an independent financial portal full of personal finance related educational resources. The kind of information you will find there varies from mortgage to taxes and from insurance to credit cards. FinancialWeb has been sponsoring ProBargainHunter for a while (see their banner at the front page) and today they renewed the contract for 3 more months. Give them a visit at and if you happen to drop them a note say “hi” from Yan at ProBargainHunter! :-)


I wrote about Jajah back in November. Free international calls is what many will find attractive with Jajah. Apparently the team liked my November review so much that they decided to send me a special “thank you” gift. The company shop in Europe wouldn’t send it to the US and Frederik Hermann, the marketing manager in the US, went as far as arranging it to be hand-delivered with his friend visiting Europe at that time. Today the shirt came in the mail. What can I say, I am flattered!

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  1. 1 Frederik Jan 16th, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    Hi Yan,

    I’m very glad that our little gift finally made it to your place :-)

    Thanks again and very best regards from Mountain View,


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