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There are some things I never buy online and these are clothes and shoes. Even though they are supposed to conform to a predefined set of sizes, each manufacturer seems to be using their own measuring tape, and some times “L” is too big while other times it is too small. I have to fit everything I wear before I buy it.

There are things however that come with precisely known dimensions (e.g. household items and consumer electronics). Unfortunately this fact doesn’t help me much while shopping. Knowing dimensions and getting the feeling of how big the thing is are two different things. Besides I was brought up in a country with metric system widely in use and 2 feet 5 inches doesn’t really say much to me.

One way to solve the problem is to search for a review like this where things are shown in proportion. Another way is to use Sizeasy, a new online tool, which is all about taking the size comparison guesswork away from you.

Sizeasy allows you to compare dimensions of items you find described on the web often. Many online stores show the dimensions of items like Product Dimensions: 192×45x32mm. Although useful this doesn’t give us a feel for the real size of the item that we would get going into a high street store. Sizeasy allows you to take this size information and see it drawn out to scale next to everyday items so you get a real feel for its size.

Said enough, go and check out this wonderful visualization tool. Pictured above is the size of iPod Nano compared to a drinking can and a box of matches.

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