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If you have been reading my blog for long enough you probably noticed that I like love metrics of different kind. I run a monthly roundup on Bargain Hunting and Price Comparison websites. Collecting all One Deal a Day sites was also fun. You can find more lists like that if you click on the Resources menu at the top.

I have been somewhat into reading Personal Finance blogs lately and I was surprised to find that people who write these blogs have a very active community. They even had the very first PF blogger meet up recently some place around DC area.

Regular readers don’t usually leave a lot of blog comments and my blog is a good example. OK, the Judysbook story did touch the nerve but that was it. It is usually quiet here. Quite to the contrary Personal Finance blogs are filled with readers discussing financial problems. The thing is most of them are other PF bloggers who are used to writing.

Anyway, my point is, I tried to organize a few blogs I read regularly and decided to go a little further. I used this little trick to build a list of top 30 personal finance blogs sorted by number of readers as reported by FeedBurner. Only those blogs are listed that enable FeedCount Chicklets in their Feedburner Publicize channel (it turned out most blogs I read have it).

It should be noted that the counters in the image are dynamic and even though I initially sorted the list in descending order the numbers will change over time and the entries will misalign (they might already be out of order as you are looking at them). The number in parenthesis is what the counter value was at the time of compiling this list.

Have I missed your favorite blog? Add it in your comments. By the way, the idea was inspired by Will Chen from WiseBred who sorted blogs by the number of votes on

1 Get Rich Slowly (6643)
2 My Money Blog (3900)
3 Blueprint for Financial Prosperity (2466)
4 Dumb Little Man (2401)
5 Five Cent Nickel (1946)
6 The Simple Dollar (1701)
7 All Financial Matters (1619)
8 Consumerism Commentary (1464)
9 My Personal Finance Journey (1344)
10 Zillow Blog (1202)
11 Personal Finance Advice (967)
12 Mighty Bargain Hunter (548)
13 Stop Buying Crap (531)
14 Money Musings (359)
15 My 1st Million At 33 (332)
16 Boston Gal’s Open Wallet (289)
17 Punny Money (250)
18 Everybody Loves Your Money (234)
19 Wise Bread (226)
20 My Open Wallet (214)
21 Money, Matter, and More Musings (190)
22 We are in Debt (176)
23 Generation X Finance (163)
24 Binary Dollar (151)
25 The Sun’s Financial Diary (146)
26 Queer Cents (129)
27 Blogging Away Debt (104)
28 Lazy Man and Money (97)
29 Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials (79)
30 Not Made of Money (76)

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