Popular price comparison sites – January 2007

Update: for the latest revision of this list go to Popular price comparison sites - March 2011.

This is January 2007 revision of the Popular Price Comparison web sites list. You can find the last month revision of the list here.

The change in rating shows the difference compared to December results. I reworked the script calculating Page Rank to use multiple data centers. As the result some of the improvements in Page Rank account for this change.

The biggest gainer is Smarter with Alexa rank gain of 14.12%. The website has been a consistent performer over the last 6 months.

Smarter Alexa Rank

By the way, did you know Smarter has mobile price alerts? You can check price of an item online while in store using SMS on your cell phone.

The worst performer this month second time in a row is Sortprice with a huge rank drop of -49.38%. Enjoy the rest of the stats below!

#Web SiteAlexa RankPage RankOnline Since 1(*) 8 (-1)18-Jan-1995 2(*) 8 (-1)10-Nov-1994 3(*) 8 (-1)11-Sep-2001 49(*) (-11.36%)8 (8)22-Jun-1995 107(*) (0.93%)8 05-Jul-1996 412 (-0.98%)7 15-Oct-1998 429 (-1.66%)8 03-Jul-1997 510 (-6.92%)8 10-Mar-1999 519 (-5.27%)8 24-Apr-1996 738 (-5.13%)8 (1)24-Sep-1998 790 (7.6%)8 07-Oct-1998 1070 (-7.11%)8 12-Feb-1999 1130 (-12.55%)7 (-1)04-Jul-2002 3132 (14.12%)6 28-Apr-1998 3552 (-2.9%)7 (4)19-May-1999 4644 (0.21%)9 (1)15-Apr-1998 5157 (13.7%)4 22-Feb-1995 5294 (-12.71%)7 26-Sep-1995 6069 (-11.77%)6 29-Dec-1998 6589 (-8.03%)6 20-Jan-2004 11056 (2.73%)5 (4)26-Jun-2006 13703 (-6.27%)6 (1)01-Jun-2006 15394 (9.12%)5 (5)19-Oct-2006 18124 (-9.1%)6 03-Sep-1997 25254 (3.48%)8 (5)01-Jan-2006 25385 (-6.23%)5 (3)15-Dec-2004 28669 (2.82%)5 (1)12-Jan-1999 29763 (-49.38%)6 (1)15-Jan-2004 42749 (-25.3%)5 (-1)16-Oct-1997 43222(**) (8.08%)6 (4)02-Jan-1997 47258 (-0.69%)4 (3)09-May-2005 49540 (-5.95%)5 (5)10-May-2006 62054 (-9.84%)3 (1)02-Nov-2006 68176 (7.83%)5 (5)17-Nov-2006 68860 (-2.34%)8 (8)04-Jul-1997 77002 (-15.75%)6 09-Jun-1998

(*) Note: traffic stats for these sites is the aggregate of all traffic to the top domain (e.g. or and thus cannot be used to judge how popular this particular price comparison service is.

(**) Note: the web site is a portal with price comparison engine being one of the offered web services. Alexa rank cannot be used to judge how popular this price comparison engine is.

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4 Responses to “Popular price comparison sites – January 2007”

  1. 1 Rick T. Feb 7th, 2007 at 11:59 am

    Is there a ranking by results? Particluarly for smaller web retailers? Listings for small retailers are often lost on these sites and big web retailers often bid the market up so high, that smaller companies can’t avail themselves of the power of these comparison shopping sites. I sell organic tea and handmade Asian teapots and my listing are often pretty far down the ranks.

  2. 2 Gary K Feb 7th, 2007 at 3:44 pm

    Great list and it’s interesting to see how much average dip is for most of them, and then a few of them really bucking the trend with some positive January Growth.

  3. 3 Sonia Pahwa Feb 8th, 2007 at 10:59 am

    Rick T – your problem is what drove us to create It’s based on a CPA model, rather than CPC, so results that are returned are completely organic. No company is allowed to bid for a higher position, so you get to see more of the smaller companies in the results.

  4. 4 Yan Mar 6th, 2007 at 10:16 pm

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