Past polls — results and comments

I ran a few polls over the past two months and I thought it would be a good idea to list them all and do some analysis of the results. So here they are.

How ready are you financially to a family disaster?

This poll was in the article which I wrote shortly after learning about the Kim’s family tragedy. The results look very disturbing. If you are not that one who answered “I have done more than this” then I insist that you check out the list I compiled back in December and make sure you cover every item.

Family Disaster

How many newspapers do you pay for?

I was kind of surprised this poll would stir so much interest. It collected 137 votes and from the answers I can say just one thing, YOU READ A LOT!

Shame on me since my answer was item 1. I just seem to read no newspapers any more. Ever since I started blogging my source of news became online publications, mostly other blogs which I discover via

And by the way, the blog post running this poll was about how you can read the cover page of almost any US newspaper without actually subscribing to it.


Which of these free VOIP services do you use regularly?

The article running this poll was about free VOIP telephony services. It was not surprise for me that Skype came out the winner. It is one of the first and it is the most popular VOIP service.

Among other alternatives you suggested Vonage, Vitelity, and VoipCheap. They all are cheap and IP but they are not free (with the exception of VoipCheap which offers free international calling to some countries).

I plan to cover more VOIP services in the future. Subscribe to my full RSS feed so you don’t miss it out! (I just had to say that ;-))

Free VOIP Services

Which book comparison engine do you like?

The blog post that ran this poll was my attempt to compare available options as far as comparing book prices is concerned. You seem to like Ugenie the most. However I believe Ugenie is just the one who got more publicity thanks to support from TechCrunch and other popular blogs. BooksPrice and CompareBook are very strong competitors and I would check them both next time you go shopping. You might be surprised by what you find.

Among alternatives you suggested Fetchbook which is one of the older/traditional websites and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the younger type are offering.

Book Comparison

Do you carry a credit card balance?

I was honestly hoping to see better results for this one. By carrying a balance you give away a lot of cash to banks. The only reason why you ever want to load your credit card is if you have an emergency. That is the real emergency, like the one I was referring to in the first poll on this page. If you think differently you need to see a psychiatrist. (Oops, I better close comments to this post. ;-) )

By the way, the blog post running this poll was about an online tool that helps you make a decision, should you apply for a new card and transfer your balance (and save as you do so) or not. Don’t forget to cut your old card once you do the transfer to avoid the temptation of loading it up again.

Credit Card Balance

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