FM Radio and Transmitter for iPod – $9.99 AR

Kensington FM Transmitter / Radio for iPOD

This little device will make a great Valentine gift for my wife not saying I have been looking for something like this for myself. It is a radio attachment (for listening FM channels on your iPod) and FM transmitter (for listening your iPod music through the car stereo) all in one.

  • List Price: $128.25
  • Price: $49.99 (ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping)
  • Mail in rebate: $40.00
  • Price After Rebate: $9.99

The deal expires February 28, 2007. The rebate must be submitted no later than March 14, 2007.

Technical Details

  • Combination FM transmitter/radio designed for iPods with dock connectors
  • Plays your favorite iPod songs through your car or home stereo speakers
  • Plays favorite FM stations through iPod; 4 station presets lock in favorites
  • Pushbutton digital tuner with easy-to-read display for choosing FM stations
  • ClearFM technology reduces noise and enhances stereo separation; 1-year warranty

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3 Responses to “FM Radio and Transmitter for iPod – $9.99 AR”

  1. 1 Dorky Dad Feb 12th, 2007 at 3:30 am

    Keep your invoice & packing list as I’m going to bet you’ll be sending this back like I did. This is a super-sweet deal if it worked. I tried it for a week, and the signal either wasn’t strong enough, there are too many radio stations in Atlanta, or there’s a lot of interference in the 18″ between where I had my iPod-connected transmitter and the in-dash radio because it would lose the signal/station once ever 45 seconds or so, regardless of what channel I was transmitting to.

  2. 2 Yan Feb 12th, 2007 at 8:30 am

    I have a mixed experience with FM modulators. I returned the first one because the sound quality wasn’t good and I like the quality of my second FM modulator which I still use with my CD player.

    The signal strength/quality may broadly vary depending on the model and this one seem to have decent customer reviews. Have you had exactly the same kind?

  3. 3 Gb94501 Jan 20th, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    I generally like Kensignton products and this is a neat gadget. An FM transmitter and receiver? Awesome! Unfortunately this is only a ‘good first try’ as the sound quality isn’t there for the transmitter, I can’t be more than 3-5 feet from the radio. Others can be almost in another room, at least a good 30 feet. It would be nice if it had an auto-scan feature to determine the best frequency. Also, a good recommendation to all FM Transmitter manufacturers for iPod Iphone and all other phones… We would like to keep our cases on. You should make them to where they will fully connect with the case on. Generally, the cases allow for more area around the connection so if you don’t make it too thick, it’s possible. ;)

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