Half price ReviewMe reviews this month (Poll)

I didn’t want to write about it first but yesterday something happened that made me change my mind.

What is ReviewMe and why do you want to know about them? In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, here is a short introduction.

ReviewMe is a kind of advertisement network which wades in to the blogging world and acts as a proxy between bloggers and business owners who what to promote their products or services.

How does ReviewMe work?

A blogger opens an account with ReviewMe, their blog is ranked based on several factors (Alexa, Technorati, and RSS subscribers), and listed in the ReviewMe directory. Advertisers go to ReviewMe website, find the blogs that match the market niche for their business, and order a review. For example if you are a discount store you will want to look up all blogs tagged with “bargain” and if you are a finance services provider then do a search by “finance”.

Search Bargain on ReviewMe

According to the company policy there are just two requirements that the blogger must adhere: the review must be at least 200 words and the fact that the review is paid must be disclosed. This pretty much eliminates the controversy that a similar service called PayPerPost stirred when first launched (PayPerPost in fact had an option for the advertiser to require a positive review).

What made me write about them?

Yesterday I exchanged a few emails with one of my readers who then offered me to call him on the phone. For obvious reasons I anticipated questions related to online shopping and bargains, however that didn’t happen. Apparently the guy runs an online shop and wants to know more about how he can promote his business. This in turn made me thinking, how many of you own a website or a blog? Something makes me believe that the percentage is pretty high!

ReviewMe is just one of the many ways how you as a business owner can promote your online presence, and I should say not the best one money wise. With the 50% markup that the company charges, it is really hard to consider them a bargain. The latest promotion however removes that markup for your reviewers ordered this month and makes trying the service worthwhile.

To encourage new advertisers we are offering a special coupon code that will give advertisers 50% off any review they purchase this month. The cool part is 100% of the sale price will go to the blogger so there is no discount in payout.

For advertisers to use the 50% off coupon they simply have to enter: trial into the coupon code at checkout. This special promotion will be good for the rest of the month. Thanks again!

The review price was effectively reduced in half. But don’t just rush ahead and buy a review. There are a few things (besides carefully choosing the best matching blog) that you want to do to make sure you get the most out of your buck.

How can you find a bargain?

As I mentioned before each blog gets a ranking which is then used to set the price for a review on that blog. The ranking is recalculated monthly. What is one month in the online world? It may mean quite a lot, especially for young blogs that often double or triple their readers in first months.

The best approach to find a bargain is to find a blog that grew recently but hasn’t had it’s ranking recalculated yet. How can you do that? When you browse the blogs pay attention to the numbers in the blog details and compare them to the current blog rank (use this tool to check these numbers real time). Here is how my blog looks in the ReviewMe directory:

ProBargainHunter on ReviewMe

The Alexa rank 157,135 is from last month. It grew to 90,505 this month (lower number means more traffic), as did my Technorati rank and the number of subscribers. There is a good chance when ReviewMe recalculates the price this month my blog will get a raise.


I used my blog as an example and I am sure you can find other blogs that grew even faster during this month. Ordering a review with them could be a very good deal. So do your research and find your bargain! Oh, and by the way, please take this poll so I know if you even care to read about deals for small businesses owners.

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