Visual product comparison from ShoppingPath

Read/WriteWeb writes about an interesting product comparison website in the making. It has not officially launched yet but you can take a peek at the preview using this link which went live just last month.

The concept is very simple, each product is a dot on a chart where Y-axis is price and X-axis is a configurable attribute. This works the best with products that have distinctive quantitative characteristics, for example a screen size of a TV or the storage size of an MP3 player.

Take a look for example how digital cameras line up by the image resolution they are capable to deliver. The green dots mean you get better resolution (than that of the selected product) for lower price.

Digital Cameras by Resolution

I like the idea a lot. It gives a very high level view of the product category and may tip you to alternative products that are worth considering. After you make the decision about what kind of the product you want by looking at the charts, you can finalize your selection by reading the reviews for that specific model — all conveniently served to you with price comparison data.

In addition, I just love the implementation. The mix of flash and AJAX practically stole my heart. Great job guys!

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