Amazon coupon codes for April 2007

Update: Go to Amazon coupon codes for April 2011 for an updated list of coupons

This is an update from the previous table I published in February 2007. All coupon codes below expire April 30, 2007.

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Amazon coupon codes for April 2007

$1.50 offA four-pack of Senseo coffee podsSENSEO99
$5 offA box of Sun Crystals Natural SweetenerSUNCYSTL
$5 offA pack of 12 Gala coffee podsGALAPOD2
$5 off $19Al Dente pastaPASTA456
$5 off $19Back to Nature productsNATURE55
$5 off $19Bigelow teaGREENTE2
$5 off $19Milton’s crackersMILTONS2
$5 off $19Tumaro’s tortillasTORTILL9
$10 offBare Fruit dried fruit snacksBAREFRU4
$10 off $29Bahlsen cookiesBAHLSEN5
$10 off $29ConAgra Foods brandsSNACKALL
$10 off $29Ensavor and Viva la Rice productsENSAVOR4
$10 off $29Happy Company massage productsHAPPYAPR
$10 off $29Harmony snacksHARMONY5
$10 off $29Jolly Time popcornPOPCORNN
$10 off $29Nature’s Path productsNATUREP9
$10 off $29Oregon Fruit canned fruitPIEFRUIT
$10 off $29Panda candyPANDAL22
$10 off $29Shari candySHARICAN
$10 off $29Skippy peanut butterSKIPPY07
$10 off $29Taste of Nature snacksNATURECN
$10 off $29Torani syrupsTORANI55
$10 off $39Angel Milk nutritional shakesANGELMLK
$10 off $39Annie’s Homegrown and Annie’s Naturals productsANNIES77
$10 off $39Cornnuts and Planters productsALLNUTSS
$10 off $39Kraft and Velveeta productsCHEEEESY
$10 off $39Nabisco and General Foods International CoffeeLOWCALOR
$10 off $39Pond’s, Q-tips, Vaseline, Lever 2000, CaressPONDAPRI
$10 off $39Post and Cream of Wheat breakfast foodsALCEREAL
$10 off $39PowerBar or HOOAH! barsPWRHOOAH
$10 off $39Sunbeam and Health o Meter ProductsSUNBEAM4
$10 off $49Andis products in Health & Personal CareANDISAPR
$10 off $49Benecol Smart Chews productsBENECOLL
$10 off $49Drink mixes by different brandsHYDRATES
$10 off $49Energizer batteriesAPRENERG
$10 off $49Neutrogena productsNEUTRAPR
$10 off $49Omron productsOMRONAPR
$10 off $49Select natural and organic personal care brandsNATAPRO7
$15 off $29Wolfgang Puck soupWOLFGAN9
$15 off $39Blue Dog Bakery dog treatsDOGTREA2
$15 off $39Fischer & Wieser saucesCHIPOTL3
$15 off $39Reese productsREESEFO4
$15 off $59All Laundry detergent and other productsAPR07ALL
$15 off $75Professional hair care brandsHAIRPRI5
$20 off $49Duro-Med home medical suppliesDMEDAPRL
$20 off $49Emjoi hair removal productsEMJOIAPR
$20 off $49Jeremiah’s Pick CoffeeGOODCOF5
$20 off $49Newman’s Own Organics productsNEWMANS2
$20 off $59TwinLab, Dr. Weil, or Metabolife ProductsTWINLBS7
$20 off $69Nature Made, Nature’s Resource, and Olay vitaminsNATUREMD
$20 off $99Seventh Generation childcare productsSEVENAPR
$25 off $79Verilux light therapy productsVRLUXAPR
$50 off $199Master Massage productsMASTRAPR

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    Wow, awesome list of coupons. BTW, I really liked your site design and just switched from my ancient K2 design to TripleK2 like yours. I have been wanting a triple column site for a while now. Looks like your site is really taking off, I used to be a software engineer myself but left to follow other passions and challenges. How do you like computer programming?

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