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CrazyRefund LogoThe concept of getting cash back on things you buy is nothing new. Many websites offer a percentage of the commission they receive from the merchants as an incentive for you to buy things using their links. I covered these so called “Rewards Programs” before and you can find some tips on how to choose the program that fits you the best here and here.

I have recently received a review request via ReviewMe from a New York based startup which attempts to approach the problem of attracting customers in the over-saturated online shopping industry from a different angle.

Instead of giving a percentage back, CrazyRefund will give back the entire amount you spend on your order if you happen to be the lucky shopper number N, where N is a number that varies from merchant to merchant.

For example anything you buy from Foot Locker using links at CrazyRefund has 1 out of 25 chance of ending up being free. Some merchants have higher chances, some lower, depending on the commission they pay. You can see the complete list at the CrazyRefund front page.

Here is how Mark, the founder, explains the idea behind CrazyRefund:

It’s like gambling on your everyday spending, but it isn’t really gambling – because you are just buying whatever you need with the chance of winning it free. So why not put a little excitement into things

In addition CrazyRefund is running a few cash back programs for signing up to services like IP telephony from SunRocket or SUPERPASS from Real Networks. I have not tried these but I found at least one person who did and he seems to be pretty happy about the deal he got.

According to Mark, the website was launched in December 2006 and hasn’t had time to generate much buzz yet however if you trust the winners page, they have been giving people back their money, and a lot!

This post is sponsored by CrazyRefund via ReviewMe

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