Abazias, hidden gem among diamond retailers

Jewelry resellers are the kind of websites I don’t visit very often. There are really two reasons. First buying jewelry is not a very frugal thing and I tend to do it only on rare occasions. Second, like with buying clothes, I have always thought that buying jewelry is too of a visual experience to try to do it online. You need to see and touch that ring before you feel comfortable buying it. The result, all of the jewelry I bought in the past came from brick and mortar stores.

While my shopping pattern hasn’t really changed, my doubt towards online jewelry shopping has been shaken with a visit to Abazias.

What is Abazias?

Abazias is an online retailer of loose diamonds and jewelry settings for diamonds. Their website showcases over 80,000 diamonds and more than 100 styles of jewelry, including rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

This variety itself puts Abazias ahead of brick and mortar stores. From my experience I remember going to several jewelers before settling on what I need. Even big chains like Helzberg Diamonds have a limited inventory that they try to spread evenly across all stores.

This problem doesn’t apply to online merchants like Abazias since they sell all of their stock in a centralized manner.

Build your own ring

As I already mentioned, buying jewelry is a very visual process, and this is probably why Abazias have invented their Ring Builder which is a very neat application that lets you match various ring settings with diamonds and visualize the combination.

This is still not as good as being able to put the thing on your finger but it is probably just as close as you can get to it. Once you choose the ring, click on the link to 3D View for even more action.

Abazias Ring Builder

What’s in there for bargain hunters?

One more thing I was pleasantly surprised by is the variety of options that Abazias lets me tune up when choosing diamonds. You can change price, clarity, size, color, shape and see the list of matching diamonds.

An interesting experiment for me was to limit the price to less than $1000, maximize size to 0.90 carats, and then vary the shape to find that Radian variety offers a diamond for the lowest price, $885.43. Consider it the budget kind since it is the biggest diamond you can get for the buck.

Abazias Diamonds

10 days satisfaction guarantee

To sweeten the deal Abazias offers 10 days money back guaranty. This is a very smart move. As good of a shopping experience as the website can offer, it is still not a match to being able to touch and feel jewelry in real life.

Shop via Google Checkout

As of recently, you can use Google Checkout to buy diamonds at Abazias. For me personally it is a sign that the company is trying to keep up with the latest advancements in online shopping.

Publicly traded company

It is a lesser known fact that Abazias is a publicly traded company. Its stock however is not nearly as expensive as its diamonds. As of April 13, 2007 it traded for just $2.60. Of course the price is far not the only factor when considering your investment options. However I am really tempted to look more closely at Abazias now. After all, maybe this diamond stock is where my true passion for diamonds lies. ;-)

Disclaimer: this review is sponsored by Abazias, the opinions expressed are those of my own

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