Random productivity related news

I might be out of the country but I am not away from the news. Here is a roundup of what caught my eye over the past week.

Craigsnumber changes domain name to

Graigsnumber, a free service offering users temporary phone numbers in the US, has added features and renamed itself to Numbr. The company is one of several offering voice related productivity services I reviewed in the past. They are in direct competition with PrivatePhone, a free service by NetZero.

Twenty money saving Firefox extensions

One reason to use Firefox over InternetExplorer is the huge number of plugins that enhances the browser functionality. SavingAdvice has compiled a list of 20 plugins for Firefox that will help you save money. I specifically like the Deal Alerts group with WootWatcher, UpdateScanner, and FatCash.

Language translation tool from Google

Google Word is a new addition to the suite of tools from Google (Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of all projects that Google currently runs). The tool translates your word to several languages of your choice and lists several related sentences highlighting how the word can be used in content. If you just want to check the word usage (w/o translation), typing in Google search “define:” followed by the desired word does the trick.

Free uncensored image hosting from PirateBay

This was speculated for some time and now the service has come to life and is available to everyone. With BayImg you can host files up to 100 MByte in size. No registration is required. Another similar service is AllYouCanUpload from CNet and Divshare, a file hosting service I personally used many times.

Google to buy GrandCentral

Techcrunch spreads the word that Google is looking to acquire GrandCentral, the VoIP service I have come to like very much.

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