Hot deals without limits – or – My secret project

Monetize your blog with BuxrI have been somewhat neglecting you guys at PBH lately and I hope you forgive my recent lack of good quality posts. I have a very good excuse though and I am going to tell you about it right now. But before I do, let me make a short walk back in the history to sort of summarize the past 2 years of my bargain hunting life.

  • Fall, 2005 - an idea is born to make my bargain hunting visits to fatwallet forums more efficient. Everything starts with a simple greasemonkey script which parses RSS feed and highlights forums threads with high rank
  • February, 2006 - the script evolves into a much bigger project. I register to allocate a web space for the future service.
  • May, 2006 - launches as a free tool for aggregating and managing deals from and forums. Here is the announcement about it on Digg
  • June, 2006 - wireddeals widget for Yahoo! (formerly Konfabulator) is launched to support the service in the desktop environment (read the announcement on MeFi projects)
  • September, 2006 - the work on wireddeals is mostly complete and an idea is born to start a personal blog about what I love: bargain hunting and deal sites. Here is the very first blog post.
  • March, 2006 - I meet Mike from CheapStingyBargains (here is his guest post on PBH) and we discuss where deals & coupons industry is heading and what we can do to make bargain hunting better

The result of our discussions is the project we are about to launch. This exact project has been consuming lately all of my time between this blog and my daytime job. I can’t tell you details right now since we are still in stealth mode but you probably already guessed that it is all about spreading hot deals and making them easily available to everyone.

If you feel intrigued, please go to Buxr home page and sign up for the upcoming announcement. You should also do so if you want to participate in beta testing planned for October. This month is going to be very exciting and I look forward to telling you all about Buxr widget. Let hot deals be free!

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