DealDotCom and their minions

DealDotComWhat do you get when you mix the “deal a day” concept with a lucrative affiliate marketing program? You will get a website with a somewhat confusing name, DealDotCom. Not that it is impossibly confusing however if anyone were to tell me the name on the phone, I would no doubt head to a different destination.

I have followed today’s buzz and flocked to take a look at this new wonder. From the first sight the site didn’t look like anything special however as I was going through the pages I was slowly getting it.

What is DealDotCom? is the place on the web to find all the Internet Marketing products you really want for rock bottom prices. We sell products and services that help save you time and money when it comes to running your online business.

It appears the deals the startup intends to sell are for people with online presence, blog owners and webmasters. I expect some SEO related stuff as well since SEO is closely related to internet marketing. I even secretly hope they have a promotion for that highly praised SEO book Mike mentioned in his guest post. Maybe I will finally buy to read it. My frugal self can’t justify spending $79 for something I am having hard time giving practical value to. SEO is such an obscure thing. ;-)

Who runs DealDotCom?
DealDotCom is run by a handful of code monkeys and assorted minions. The guys in charge are just a couple of lovable Internet Marketers who think that fun and excitement should be injected into the otherwise predicable, dry, and boring world of Internet Marketing.

The website is not yet operational. The official launch date is Tuesday, September 18. And while the “” page still shows the countdown timer, you can access the content via this invitation link or by typing “” in the browser.

The guys surely have a sense of humor. I had my best chuckle in months. Where else can you find something like this on the FAQ page?

I want to talk to a live person there, can I call you?
You may want to talk to a live person, but we really don’t want to talk to you. People who call tend to keep our minions on the phone for hours at a time, discussing minutiae. If you’re famous, eminently important, or want to give us millions of dollars, include your phone number in your email, and we’ll call you.

Humor is exactly what made Woot so popular and these “lovable Internet Marketers” certainly did their homework. I predict DealDotCom a noisy launch. What happens next mostly depends on the kind of deals they serve. Affiliate program by itself is not going to make DealDotCom successful. I like their attitude though. Here is an excerpt from the “sell your product” page:

Also, note the name of this website - DealDotCom… the operative word here being DEAL. Whatever you’re selling through us must be an actual DEAL. Offering $10 off a $500 product is definitely not a deal. Likewise, allowing us to sell your $47 product for $97, and letting us keep the extra fifty bucks is most certainly not a deal.

An interesting business idea and very promising start. I will add this site to my watch list for now.

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2 Responses to “DealDotCom and their minions”

  1. 1 Scott Sep 17th, 2007 at 12:08 am

    I actually bought the SEO Book. Here is my affiliation code so that you can buy your own copy for $79 and give me some commission… Nah! Aaron Wall is a smart guy, the book itself presents trustworthy information (unlike many giving advice in forums who are confused themselves), but I can’t say that SEO Book is “well written”. Moreover, it does not really teach me much things that I have not already known. I would not have paid $79 for it if it is not tax-deductable.

  2. 2 Mike G. Sep 17th, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    The SEOBook is a great primer for people who want to learn the basics of SEO. I think it provides a solid foundation. So, if you are just getting started I think it’s fine. For experienced publishers/technical people like Yan and Scott it’s probably not as useful.

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