High Yield Bank Accounts – October, 2007

This is another update from BankDeals — my favorite banking blog. On average the rates have come down compared to July when I did an update last time. The long term CD’s are affected the most. Market is obviously betting on Fed to keep cutting rates in the near future.

Noticeably, H&R Block and Countrywide are two banks with great CD rates. These two banks have been significantly affected by the sub-prime crisis and aggressive CD rates is a way for them to fix liquidity problems (read more: CNN Money on Countrywide, Reuters on H&R Block).

Checking/Savings/Money Market Accounts:

3-Month Certificates of Deposit:

6-Month Certificates of Deposit:

9-Month Certificates of Deposit:

12-Month Certificates of Deposit:

18-Month Certificates of Deposit:

24-Month Certificates of Deposit:

36-Month Certificate of Deposit:

48-Month Certificate of Deposit:

60-Month Certificate of Deposit:

Source: Bank Deals Weekly Summary for October 27, 2007 at BankDeals

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