Disposable car. Is it hard to build one?

Disposable CarI went out for lunch today with my friend and had an interesting discussion. We talked about my Honda Accord which turned 10 years old last fall. I said that I hate to think about the time when it starts to break. The car for me is a way to get from point A to B and the time I waste for repairs is priceless.

I didn’t always go out for lunch every day. When my wife didn’t work I would take the lunch she cooked with me and eat it at work. This prompted me to draw the following analogy between cars and eating out: If a lunch made of traditional home cooked food is your normal car then a restaurant is a taxi cab and fast food (or buffet) is probably mass transportation (buses and trains).

What about precooked frozen meals? There has to be an analogy for them in the personal transportation world.

Then I thought that auto industry is not doing enough to meet the demand for people like myself who just need a car to get around and don’t want to spend time for anything else car related - maintenance, car washes, repairs, refueling, etc. I wish I could drive it a month and then get it exchanged to another car just like mine but re-manufactured and filled with gas.

Rental cars is a far fetched alternative of what I am looking for but the terms and rates are usually not nearly there. Why? Because cars are not designed to be exchanged every month. They are built to last. What if the manufacturers made a very simple car that is created to be easily refurbished and recycled? No bells and whistles, just a basic commuter car. How much would it cost?

Oh well, I think we are not quite there yet with disposable cars and joking about the idea is all we are capable of right now. Or could it be the next big thing for Google to do? Ads supported disposable Google Car anyone? ;-)

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2 Responses to “Disposable car. Is it hard to build one?”

  1. 1 Teleboy Jan 10th, 2008 at 7:06 am

    Hi Yan – I think you mean one of these – thanks for the blog – I enjoy!

  2. 2 Yan Jan 10th, 2008 at 10:12 am

    Tata Nano? Hmm… Is it cheap? Yes. Is it basic? Yes. Is it recyclable? No! I don’t want to buy Tata Nano and get stuck with it for years. What I am talking about is a service rather than a car. You don’t buy a car, you subscribe to a monthly car replacement service. Does this make sense?

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