Netflix to lift “instant watch” limitations

Associated Press spills the beans about upcoming changes to Netflix marketing strategy regarding the movies available for instant watch from their website. Starting January 14, 2008 all customers who have signed up to at least “1 at-a-time” membership plan (currently $8.99) will enjoy unlimited movies. Previously the limitation was set according to the plan (e.g. $8.99 plan would buy you 9 hours of streaming movies a month).

The article then goes on to explain that this is a preventive measure by Netflix to make its service more competitive against the Apple’s upcoming entrance to movie rental business.

I have used Netflix’s instant watch a couple of times in the past and finding a decent movie to watch is always a challenge. I personally think Netflix can’t compete with Apple unless they significantly expand the selection. Apple reportedly plans to charge $3.99 per movie download and something tells me they will offer more than a set of B-rated titles Netflix currently has in the “Watch Instantly” section.

Read more from Associated Press (via Google News)

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