Christmas is over, time to buy a Christmas tree

Fake Christmas TreeI went to a few places over the weekend to check if any of the retailers are carrying Christmas overstock merchandise. Wal-Mart and Target already had nothing left. Home Depot, Menard’s and Lowe’s had very few select items on the shelves.

The best selection that I found was in Michaels and Sears. In fact I almost bought a very nice 7 foot Christmas tree in Michaels for $99 but decided to pass after my friend convinced me that buying an artificial Christmas tree is less environmentally unfriendly than buying real ones.

That said, an artificial tree is less dirt in the house and also some considerable savings. If you don’t have a store in close proximity, some of the trees I linked below are still available online. Many look very realistic but still far from the real deal, and if similarity is what you are looking for then I strongly encourage you to check them out alive at least once before buying

Christmas trees from Sears:

Note, these are deeply discounted prices, 4-5 times less than what you will pay in season, so if you ever considered a fake tree, now is the right time to buy one.

Photo courtesy of NessieNoodle at Flickr

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