Please welcome Paul – a new contributor at PBH

I have started ProBargainHunter as a personal blog in 2006 and so far I have stayed the sole contributor to it, with the exception of a few occasional guest posts. This is about to change thanks to Paul - a PHP programmer passionate about bargain hunting who I recently met online.

Paul will be writing weekly deal site reviews on ProBargainHunter, the idea I attempted to kick start a while ago and also the one that eventually died after just 6 reviews. The reviews, if you want to do them right, tend to take a LOT of time, which I unfortunately didn’t have.

I am very glad I met Paul. Hopefully these reviews will not be the only good thing that comes out of our relationship. As they say, Truth is Born of Arguments, and I always welcome a good argument, something that is recently lacking on my blog since my voice is all you hear most of the time. ;-)

Ether way, please welcome Paul’s first post about PriceGrabber (coming later this week). It is a very thorough review with a lot of web usability analysis, very useful for anyone running a shopping site or considering to start one!

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  1. 1 Steve Cospolich Feb 11th, 2008 at 12:50 am

    Great news. Looking forward to more in-depth site reviews. Please put my site,, in the queue!

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