Weekly hot deals roundup and a small contest

You might have noticed that I stopped posting shopping deals as of lately. One of the reasons is that most of the deals I find now go to Buxr since it is a much more convenient place for bargain hunting than my blog. Instead, starting today I will start making short weekly round-ups of the hottest deals my partner and I find and publish at Buxr. So here it goes…

This week’s hot shopping deals at Buxr

Guess total deals count and win a flash drive

One of the 4GB Kingston DataTraveler flash drives that we had bought for the Buxr launch promotion hasn’t found its owner and I decided to give it away in a small contest. The rules are very simple: the flash drive will go to the first person to guess the total number of deals my partner and I have posted on Buxr as of today, February 14, since its launch in December 2007.

If you know the number (or know how to find it) just leave your answer in a comment to this blog post. Please, US residents only (those few times I tried to send electronics outside the country were always unsuccessful).

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