Major wireless carriers roll out unlimited plans

Last week all four major wireless phone service providers almost simultaneously announced new service plans that include unlimited calls. This bit of news highlights the pricing war going between the companies and pressure from smaller local providers like this who have been able to undercut prices by lowering costs of operating their business (somewhat similar to what Southwest is doing to the rest of the airlines).

Sprint’s offer starts at $119.99 and includes unlimited voice, text messages, email, and picture mail. It is currently available only in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Tampa and Philadelphia markets. More details at this link.

Verizon’s plan is available nationwide. It starts at $99.99 and includes unlimited voice service. Text messages and internet access will still cost you extra. Here is the official announcement and here are plan details.

AT&T’s announced it’s unlimited voice plan hours after Verizon did. It also starts at $99.99 and adding unlimited text messaging will set you back another $20. More details available at the company website.

T-Mobile offers unlimited voice, text, picture and video messaging for $99.99, which sounds like the best deal among the four. The official announcement is here and you can see all plans at this page.

I currently have one of T-Mobile’s myFaves plans bundled with unlimited internet and I doubt I will be abandoning it any time soon unless I choose to go completely wireless. What about you? Do these plans change your plans? :-)

Update 02/28: Sprint just announced a nation wide unlimited plan for $99 and includes internet! This IMHO is even a better deal that what T-Mobile has. More details here

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