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Next I Bond inflation component is 4.83%

The Labor Department released the March CPI numbers last week which allows us to compute the next I Bond inflation component which is added on to the I Bond fixed rate to derive the composite (or total) rate. Thanks to the high inflation, the number tuns out rather high. In fact the only time it has been higher was in November 2005, right after the Katrina-induced energy price spike.

I am not a big fun of I Bonds but if you do invest into these, Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog has done some detailed analysis on what this new inflation rate means to you as an investor

Blockbuster offers to buy Circuit City

The news broke out earlier this week and pretty much puzzled everyone. A company A in dare financial straights and in a somewhat different market offers to buy a company B which has larger capitalization and even worse financial state. What do you get when A adds to B?

I hope Carl Icahn who owns about 16 percent of Blockbuster’s stock and backs the move knows what he is doing. He seem to be pretty successful taking Motorola apart.

Convert your stimulus check into Sears gift card + 10% bonus

Sears is luring customers into their stores by offering to convert their financial stimulus check into a no-expiration Sears gift card plus 10% bonus on top. The cards can be redeemed at any Sears, Kmart or Lands’ End retail stores, as well as and

This might be a good deal if you plan some significant expenses for the upcoming season. Otherwise I would hold on to that cash and hunt for occasional Sears promotions instead since it sounds like you can’t convert just a portion of your check.

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