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This week’s review is about, which is one of the top coupon sites in Yan’s listing. First impression on looking at this site is that, it is a nice & pleasantly designed site which is not just for coupons only, but includes a lot more content. features an extensive recipe section, which lets you find recipes by multiple approaches. There is also an “Articles & Tips” section, which includes articles covering a very broad array of topics. Most of the articles are very concise and carefully plug links to various coupons and advertising (annoying) features of the website.

Design and looks are very professional. However most advertising (including the “Hot Offers” link in the navigation bar) take you to pages which force you to pick (click) a link/offer. If you have ever visited the free giveaway websites, which insist on signing up for offers, this is almost like that. When you enter such types of pages, regular navigational elements will be missing, making it tough to not click the links they want, unless you use your browsers back button.

Eversave frontpage

On researching about the coupons in detail, very few are real coupons, most are just links to promotions/offers going on various sites. And all of these are done by partnering with, which is more of an advertising channel for merchants (by telling about various offers they have) and not a coupon site by definition. However occasional, merchants might give special offers for with a special code. So eventually, will never get the typical coupons you want to find. But will help you find “links” to promotions.

Eversave also features printable store coupons, which is again just front for its parnet, which is one other coupon site, which require special software to be installed, to enable printing coupons.

So in a nutshell, Eversave is not a coupon site at all. It is a just a well designed site with cleverly drafted content and navigational menu items, which hope to take you into an annoying advertising technique. In addition, there are also “links” (not coupons) to several online stores which features promotions in those stores.

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  1. 1 Yan Apr 24th, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Oh crap, just went to the site and tried to get a coupon. Any coupon. And failed.

    Removing Eversave from my monthly lists. This site has no value for bargain hunters.

  2. 2 EyesOnYou Oct 25th, 2011 at 9:53 am

    First, they sell gift certificates (a scam itself) without clearly letting know that they’ll have to shell out extra money to redeem these certificates. Then, when I asked for a refund, they offer me the option of save credits or a refund. When I opted for the refund, I get a message basically telling me oops! made a mistake, no refund on that one. Go with Groupon! They’re more upfront about their deals and have better service. Eversave is all about taking your money.

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