Amazon coupon codes for September 2008

Update: Go to Amazon coupon codes for April 2011 for an updated list of coupons

Amazon has just released a new set of coupon codes for this month and as usual I post them in a list sorted by amount so it is more convenient to pick those with the best value. Most coupons below expire September 30, 2008.

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Amazon coupon codes for September 2008

$5 offSea2O Organic Energy DrinkSEA2OGO5
$5 offNature's Envy Apple ChipsAPPLECH5
$5 off $25Mix 1 ProductsMIXLIFE2
$10 off $29Panda ConfectionsPANDAL33
$10 off $29Shibolim and GrainoshGRAINOSH
$10 off $29Revolution TeasREVTEA44
$10 off $29Peeled SnacksPEELSNK3
$10 off $29Fox River RiceFOXRICE6
$10 off $29Dilmah Teas & SpicesTEAPROMO
$10 off $39Kaboom EnergyKABOOM22
$15 off $39Petite Cuisine CatfoodPCUISINE
$15 off $39Bear Naked GranolaBEARNKED
$15 off $39Stacy's Chips & CrispsSTACEYDL
$15 off $39Stretch Island Fruit StripsISLANDST
$15 off $39Kashi Natural FoodsKASHIDIS
$15 off $39Pear's Gourmet CoffeeMARTHN39
$20 off $49Kellogg's, Keebler, Carr's, Famous Amos and more.KELOGKEB
$20 off $49G'Day GourmetSALMONO8
$20 off $49Gatorade Performance SeriesGATPERFM
$20 off $79Bertolli, Wish Bone, Lipton, Hellmann's and more.UNILDEAL
$25 off $75Slim-Fast, All, Dove, Lever 2000, Degree and more.SEP8UNIL
10% offDirty Sue Martini MixDIRTYSUE
15% offPalm Island Sea SaltSEASALT3
20% offEner-G FoodsENERGFD2
25% offFeed GranolaFEED9895
25% offFood Should Taste GoodTASTEGD2
25% offConAgra BrandsSNSSTACK
30% offHavana BeverageHAVBEV3O
30% offCaffe Appassionato CoffeeCOFFEECO
35% offTorani SyrupsSYRUPFOR
35% offReese ArtichokesREESEART
35% offZoe's Energy Bars & GranolaZOEFOOD9
35% offHorizon Organic MilkMILKDISC
35% offSilk SoymilkDEALSILK
40% offRush!, Ntrinsic, Comotion or ACUTEfruitMONARCHI
50% offO.N.E. Coconut Water and JuicesONEWORL2
50% offPG Tips TeaPGTIPS51

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1 Response to “Amazon coupon codes for September 2008”

  1. 1 erm Sep 4th, 2008 at 5:23 am

    looks like a lot of overpriced brand name niche items. not much of it is basics. maybe the “dove” (soap?), organic milk, or soymilk are, but how does amazon sell hyper-perishables? in septic packs?
    still if cost is cut to below 50%, the result might be a “deal”

    PS. found your site while googling for textbook buy tips/codes/etc. (so far, seems used via abebooks/amazon is best. further hunting time is likely uneconomical :-/ )

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