Are you overpaying for that USB drive?

The most popular kind of deal we get on Buxr is Media and Storage and the most popular type of storage is 8GB USB Flash Drive.

Today I went to the site and ran some stats on the deals submitted this month under Media and Storage category. Below is the summary which can be useful as a quick reference if you need to check if you are overpaying for that SD card or a flash drive.

There is some variation in prices based on the brand but overall these products are pretty much standardized and this is truly comparing apples to apples. All prices include shipping and some deals require a mail-in rebate. Enjoy!

Media / Storage Type Offers This Month Median Price
16GB SD Card 2 $38
8GB Micro SD 2 $29
8GB SD Card 8 $19.5
4GB Micro SD 2 $14
4GB SD Card 9 $10
2GB Micro SD 9 $6
2GB SD Card 5 $7
4GB Memory Stick 3 $15
16GB USB Drive 7 $33
8GB USB Drive 15 $18
4GB USB Drive 7 $10
2GB USB Drive 3 $6
1TB Ext. Hard Drive 9 $135
500GB Ext. Hard Drive 5 $90

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