Radio Shack to sell Acer netbook for $99

Multiple sources confirm that AT&T and Radio Shack have teamed up to offer a subsidized version of Acer Aspire netbook for just $100 starting this coming Monday. To qualify you will need to sign up to a 2 year AT&T AirCard contract priced $60 a month or more.

The normal price of this netbook is $370 (here is one currently offered by and $60 a month will cost your many times more if you start summing up your monthly fee. So do your math before jumping in.

The significance of this event is in the fact that this is the first time a company to offer a subsidized notebook (something that has so far been the prerogative of cell phones) and symbolizes the convergence of these two types of devices.

As a G1 owner and a long time smart phone fan I am confident that these gadgets will eventually merge together. Will they have a virtual or foldable keyboard? Will they run Linux, Windows, or Jolicloud? These are all details but I am sure we will see that ultimate product within 5-10 years.

As for this particular deal, I love the convenience of fast internet on the go from a small factor laptop like this and I would certainly love to have the netbook as a Christmas gift (with the plan paid in advance please ;-) ). Practically though I am currently looking into tethering my G1 to use it as a proxy from a laptop. Not only the result is cheaper, the process itself is a lot of fun!


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