T-Mobile eliminates handset upgrade fee

As of December 17, 2008 T-Mobile will no longer charge customers $18 for a phone upgrade. All T-Mobile devices are covered whether bought in retail stores or online. In addition, if you upgraded within the past two weeks, T-Mobile recommends contacting either a corporate store or customer service in order to be credited the $18 fee.

I could never really understand what made the company charge the fee in the first place (and by doing so hold customers from spending more money on the new phone). I guess this is the case of “they will do it if they can”. Obviously they can no longer charge it without risking loosing customers. The latest policy change is said to be based on customer feedback. From the press release:

T-Mobile is pleased to announce that beginning yesterday, the company has ditched the handset upgrade fee for customers. The elimination of the $18 upgrade fee applies across-the-board to all handsets (including the T-Mobile G1) and in all channels (e.g., retail, online, etc.).

With consumers watching every dollar this holiday season, the savings come at a perfect time. Note however this is NOT a holiday promotion, as there is no specified end date; it’s just another way T-Mobile is thanking its loyal customers.

Source: No more upgrade fees…no more no, no more upgrade fees (at TmoNews)

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