eBay drops listing fee for 5 items every month


Finally some good news for occasional eBay sellers like myself, eBay is launching new fee structure where you are “forgiven” the listing fee for the first 5 items you sell every 30 days and the closing fee is calculated as 8.75% of the closing value or $20 total for first 5 listings (whatever is less). Not a big deal if you sell small stuff but can mean significant savings for more expensive auctions.

eBay has been long under fire for favoring big sellers and many have been fleeing to Amazon and other alternative auction sites. As the result May months page views for are down 32 percent from a year earlier according to this New York times article. This last move is clearly in the right direction but will it save eBay?

List 5 items every 30 days— pay NO Insertion Fees (via Lifehacker)

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