Verizon broadband contract DIY

Oregon Live has an interesting story about Dennis Streed, a 83-year-old man who wanted to pay $77.99 a month for broadband, TV and phone service - just what the Verizon ad promised to him. So he crafted a contract that included provisions for “No hidden fees, and no additions, unless we ask for them.” and made a company rep sign it.

But when the first bill arrived May 22, it asked for $158.49. The monthly charge grew to $186.33 in June and $183.03 in July. With the second bill, in June, Streed began paying only the $77.99 he’d promised. By August, Verizon cut off his Internet and TV service.

When contacted by the newspaper a company salesman has explained the incident as a mistake. The interesting part however is whether the man will be able to legally enforce the company abide by this non-routine customer created contract. We should find it out soon because Streed who once taught consumer law, is filing a complaint with the attorney general in Portland, his home state.

Next time I sign a contract with a phone company - it will be on my terms! ;-)

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