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cheapismI recently stumbled upon a new consumer product reviews site which caught my “bargain hunting” eye. Max Levitte, the co-founder and CEO, worked for 3 years as a General Manager for before taking the entrepreneurial route and launching his own (similar) venture,… with a twist. Cheapism is all about saving money. You can trace the line from Budget Product Reviews to Thrifty Resources to Cheap News (the company blog).

I browsed around and read several reviews for different product categories to see if I can learn anything new and was pleased to find a few useful shopping tips regarding product features that I wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to, things like “carrying handle is a must have for a portable space heater” and “when choosing a vacuum, pay attention to the length of the power cord”. It certainly pays to do your homework and Cheapism reviews is a great resource if you need a head start.

My favorite part of the site however is the Cheap News where Cheapism writers post short daily updates linking to news stories from around the web. I love the assortment of the picks, just the kind of news I am looking for when scouring my RSS feeds and newspapers. The part of Cheapism I didn’t quite like was the site navigation and this is where Mr. Levitte can learn a trick or two from his past employer,, who I think offer a cleaner and more convenient user experience for the shoppers.

What resources do you use when researching a consumer product? Do you have a favorite product reviews site? Please share it in the comments!

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