How reading Amazon fine print can save you money

Elizabeth Sanberg at Wisebread, the blog I read daily, writes about her experience with ordering a GPS from Amazon. The deal was that she gets a free Wired magazine subscription and Amazon Music store credit with the purchase. Free music is fine but the magazine wasn’t what she wanted.

Guess what, a week later she receives an email that lays out the complete terms for the free Wired subscription promotion. Among other things the fine print contains this disclaimer:

If you do not wish to receive the subscription, you may receive a refund for the stated value ($10.00). To obtain this refund, please print and send a completed copy of the Online Form with a copy of your order confirmation to the address noted on the form. Please mail within 4 weeks from the date you received this e-mail.

The most interesting part however is that the same email states that Elizabeth would not have received this useful tip should she have opted out of Amazon marketing emails! It is great that Amazon offers this option to swap the magazine you don’t want with cash, but why in the world hide the terms in the (optional) marketing email?!?! Does anybody smell conspiracy? :-)

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