What airline charges less additional fees

The price comparison site Kayak ran a very useful roundup of additional fees charged by airlines. These are the checked in luggage fees, snack fees, pet fees, etc. I don’t usually fly with pets but I do care about luggage, and I love to have a snack as well. When I fly I usually check in one bag and buy the least expensive snack. When I check in luggage, I do it online since many airlines offer a discount. Considering all these specifics, I figured I needs to compile a quick reference table for some of the most popular US airlines and total overhead I should expect for one checked in bag and a small snack. So here it goes (sorted by total fees). For more details, go to the Kayak roundup I mentioned above.

1st Luggage Min Snack Total Fees
JetBlue $0 $0 $0
Southwest $0 $0 $0
AirTran $15 $0 $15
Northwest $15 $2 $17
Continental $18 $0 $18
United $15 $3 $18
Spirit $19 $2 $21
American $20 $3 $23
Midwest $20 $3 $23
US Airways $20 $3 $23

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