Amazon Coupon Codes for April 2010

Update: Go to Amazon coupon codes for April 2011 for an updated list of coupons

Amazon has just released a new set of grocery coupon codes and it looks better than the last month however it is still relatively scarce compared to the last year. I am posting them as usual in a list sorted by discount so it is more convenient to pick those with the best value. All coupons below expire April 30, 2010.

The discount in parenthesis is what you will get if you use Amazon Subscribe & Save program. If you like these Amazon coupons, I also recommend you to check out these Amazon discount codes. The best part is that these codes don’t have an expiration date!

Amazon coupon codes for April 2010

$10 off twoYummy Spoonfuls products
$15 off sixPaw Naturaw pet foods
$20 off $49PetitePalate baby food
$20 off $49Tasty Baby baby food
10% (25%) offK-Cups CoffeeKCUP5499
10% (25%) offSenseo CoffeePODPRO44
10% (25%) offBob’s Red Mill productsBRMBR497
10% (25%) offCanterbury Baking MixCNBM2674
15% (30%) offThink Thin Breakfast productsTHNK4009
15% (30%) offPure Bar Breakfast BarsPURBR643
15% (30%) offIzze Juice productsBEVERAG3
15% (30%) offTasty Baby baby foodTASTBABI
15% (30%) offPurina Pet SuppliesPURINA45
15% (30%) offLipton TeaLPTEA333
15% (30%) offSkippy, Wishbone and Hellman’s FoodsUNLV6204
15% (30%) offGourmantra Indian spicesGOURM365
15% offJava One Pods and Whole Coffee
15% offPlum Organics baby food
15% offZenSoy Soy Milk
20% (35%) offPeeled SnacksPLDS7036
20% (35%) offYummyEarth candiesYUMET924
20% (35%) offUltra Pet pet productsULTP8235
20% offPannela beverages
20% offLabrada products
25% (40%) offOh Boy! Oberto productsOHOBERTO
25% offPaw Naturaw
25% offManitoba drink products
30% offLindt Chocolate productsLINDTCLR
35% (50%) offJava Juice coffee extractsJAVAJ555
35% (50%) offAmy and Brian Coconut WaterCOCONC44
40% (55%) offPlum Tots Organic SnacksPLUMTOT5
40% off twoCrayons Juice
40% offNature’s Splash products

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