Don’t miss tomorrow’s National Donut Day

donut-catHey, donuts lovers! Don’t miss the tomorrow’s feast! Major chains like Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’s Donuts and LaMar’s Donuts all offer a free donut to the visitors and I am sure some smaller shops will do so too.

Here are some details. Krispy Kreme issued a press release in late May and now has a downloadable PDF online listing all the participating stores. They offer a free doughnut of any variety. LaMar’s Donuts put up some additional information on their about page. They offer each visitor a free Ray’s Original Glazed Donut, their signature product. Dunkin’s Donuts are even more restrictive, to get your free donut you need to buy a coffee, tea, latte or Coolatta. They do however run an online contest where you get to create your own donut and may win a prize.

I am not very excited about all these donut deals since I am not a big donut lover. I think I will hold till July 18 which is the official Ice Cream day! ;-)

Picture credit: courtneypix at Flickr

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