Like many men I hate shopping. But strangely enough I enjoy shopping online; including the same stuff I usually buy at Target and Walmart. The difference: the one is a chore; the other is a sport.

My name is Yan Bezugliy and I am a Java Swing programmer from 9am to 6pm and an entrepreneur and web developer at any other time. Bargain hunting and hot shopping deals is my passion. I try to keep an eye on the online shopping industry and related events and I started this blog so I can share with you some interesting bits I find.

I enjoy reviewing new websites and will occasionally post some really hot deals or coupons, the ones I would use myself. To get the best bargains I use different online resources and strictly follow my philosophy. To make my hobby more interesting I built a few online tools. Check them out, they are all free to use!

No, that is not a picture of me on the banner :-) although I write most of my posts late in the night on a laptop when my wife and my two little kids have been long asleep (the image is courtesy of Simon Cataudo at stock.xchng).

If you have a money saving idea that you want to share, or if you run a website that you want to feature on ProBargainHunter, use the form below to drop me a note, or simply email to

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