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Google moves into deals & coupons business

In unprecedented move Google announced today on their blog that they will integrate the recently acquired affiliate network with their Product Search functionality to offer financially strapped US consumers context relevant coupon codes and discounts as they shop online.

This comes as no surprise to me. The recent acquisition of Performics has demonstrated the mega-company is not shy of entering the affiliate market, and the success of Google Adsense has clearly demonstrated the power of context relevant ads. Now, with all the talks about click spam and lowered number of clicks on these ads, Google had to come up with something to fight back the downturn and make their investors happy.

Please meet Google Shopping Deals!

Google Shopping Deals

How does Google Shopping Deals work? Actually quite simple. Google already had all the pieces in place and it was just a matter of putting them together.

  1. Affiliate offers (coupons and promotions) are channeled through Performics network to the Google Shopping Deals servers
  2. Software similar to Google Adsense constantly crawls Google Product Search pages and analyzes the content
  3. Coupon codes and promotions are displayed on the pages next to the products offered by merchants, offering extra discounts on the featured or similar merchandise from competing merchants.

As a trial, Google Shopping Deals has been introduced to a limited number of merchandise categories, and only on Product Search pages, but I clearly see Google adopting this great new product to their main search as well. In fact it would perfectly fit the recently spotted (and highly controversial) secondary search feature.

SlickDeals, FatWallet join forces, launch new site

Exclusive on ProBargainHunter

Encouraged by the success of an experimental project launched last year to test the market, owners of SlickDeals and FatWallet, two popular online bargain hunting destinations, have agreed to join forces and are together launching a new website which will combine the best qualities of the two.

I was lucky to get a sneak peek at the forthcoming press release last night and here are some of the highlighted features

  • Powerful feature rich forums utilizing AJAX and Javascript
  • Customized user signatures and avatars with no size limit
  • Integrated collection of 10,000 preconfigured smiles
  • Forum administrators elected via open user vote
  • Woot off type auctions running every day including Weekends and holidays
  • Cash back on purchases equal to the entire affiliate commission received from merchants (MoneyBackCo style but without membership fee)
  • Discussing competing deals sites is encouraged and rewarded with “Competition” points, each equal to five old “Reputation” points

The new business entity is expected to launch as a corporation with future plans for IPO and to help spread the buzz, a promotion will be announced where active forum participants are granted a stock option for every hour they spend online.

There has been no agreement reached yet over what the domain name will be and the marketing teams are still bouncing between two possible candidates, SlickWallet and FatDeals, but this small problem is not going to stand on the way for long and the official announcement is expected sometimes next week.

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